Mirabelle Jien is a singer, songwriter, flautist and composer from Calgary, Alberta. She holds a Master of Music from the University of Toronto, and she is currently the sound designer and composer of an indie game company, The Big Sad Productions. The game that is currently under development was created to raise awareness and break down stigmas surrounding mental health.
Mirabelle's most recent composition is called "Overcoming". This piece was composed live on Twitch as a result of reaching donation goals for a Stop AAPI Hate charity stream she hosted in April 2021. She also worked with Cass. L. Mann on the lo-fi soundtrack for the video game, "The Day The Sky Fell". In the classical genre, “Clarinet Quartet no. 1” was premiered at the Calgary Clarinet Choir Charity Concert to raise funds supporting Philkids, a music education initiative started by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. 
Beyond music, she has a passion for photography and videography. Her short film, “What Is Music to You?” was selected to be part of the Creator’s Offline “Create At Home” Film Festival (2020).
Mirabelle is the host and creator of "Making It" , a podcast that brings together creatives to chat about all things creativity, entrepreneurship, and mental health. Click here to listen.
Mirabelle live streams regularly on Twitch every Tuesday (3:30pm) | Thursday (7:30pm) All times in Mountain Standard Time.

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